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 Friedrichsbau, Hauptstrasse 47 - 51

On the site of a former Dominican monastery that was purchased by Grand Duke Karl Friedrich of Baden in 1804, a scientific institute was built in 1861-64 based on plans drawn up by District Building Inspector Wilhelm Waag. This stately building was named Fridericianum or Friedrichsbau after Grand Duke Friedrich I of Baden, who was then in power. The three-wing complex stresses the great importance that was already being attached to the sciences. The building housed the departments of physics, mineralogy, mathematics, technology, and physiology. Professors Helmholtz and Kirchhoff received apartments in the three-story middle section to live in with their families. Today the university’s Psychological Institute is accommodated here.

On the square in front of the Friedrichsbau – known as the “Anatomy Garden” – is a larger-than-life statue of Robert Bunsen with allegorical depictions of the still-unawakened and harnessed forces of nature.